“Be strong and courageous…” Deut. 31:6a

We were thankful for our gathering on Sundays, whether in person, in the car or online. We invite you to join us if you are comfortable with one of the following options:

• come inside in the door by the piano, wear a mask, use sanitizer, and sit in designated areas in the section by the piano. Or come in the main door and then go to the section by the piano.

• come inside in the main door, use sanitizer, and sit in designated areas without a mask in the south center (by the sound booth) and southern part of the center section of the sanctuary. Please follow the signs on the rows/seats. We still recommend wearing a mask, but you have the option not to in those two sections.

• stay in your car and listen to the service on the radio FM station 93.3.

• UPDATE: Until our internet service increases, we will not be offering the live streaming. We’ll keep you informed. Look for “Video Message Premiere” at 9:30am every Sunday morning on our Facebook account or website. Evergreen Covenant Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/evergreencovenant


*If you are ill, are in a compromised health situation, have been exposed to a COVID person, or simply don’t feel comfortable coming, we ask that you not come to the indoor services just yet.

We offer Sunday School but not the nursery. Parents should decide whether to have their children participate in that.