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Sunday Service 9:30am


1 Corinthians 16:1-4 “Creating Communion”

PPT Many of the Jewish believers in Jerusalem rejected the inclusion of gentile believers who were uncircumcised and didn’t observe Jewish Law and traditions. Paul leads the gentile churches in a response of love, taking up a gentile collection for the poor in the Jerusalem Church. This demonstration of love…

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2 Samuel 24:1-17 “In God We Trust”

PPT Why does God punish Israel for taking a census to determine how large and strong their military could be? It is because Israel’s future depended on their placing trust in God not men. In the same way, those who live by faith must continually choose live by faith and…

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2 Samuel 19 & 23 “Last Words”

PPT 2 Samuel 19 & 23, “Last Words” In this message, we’ll be looking at the lives of two men that are coming to close. We are reminded that our own lives will have a culmination. Two things are important as we enter into the final phase of life. First,…

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Evergreen Covenant Church

An Old Time Country Church with a Relevant Message for Today

Sunday Service: 9:30a

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