Evergreen Covenant Church is a part of the Evangelical Covenant Church. The Evangelical Covenant Church is a denomination of more than eight hundred churches in the United States and Canada. It was founded by Swedish immigrants in 1885 as a voluntary covenant of churches committed to working together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Covenant churches emphasize the Bible’s witness to new life in Jesus Christ expressed in a day to day walk with the Lord.

Our Mission

To equip loving, giving, growing Christians to reach out with the good news of Jesus Christ – evangelizing the lost, ministering to those in need, and seeking justice for the oppressed.

Sayings of the Saints
Pastor Keith Foisy

Sayings of Saints: St. Benedict of Nursia

Romans 8:12-17 “Sayings of the Saints: St. Benedict” St. Benedict encourages us to “Listen and attend with the ear of your Heart” We are often searching outside ourselves for God’s

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