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Sunday Service 9:30am


Genesis 28:10-22 “The House of God”

While Jacob is on a long journey, he makes a startling discovery. He has an encounter with God and believes himself to have found The House of God, the place where Heaven and Earth overlap. But the real revelation is much deeper than that. The House of God is never…

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Matthew 4:18-22 “Called”

The message today looks to Jesus’ calling of the disciples and what being a disciple meant. After two years of learning, five of our young adults are celebrating Confirmation today. We celebrate with them and commit to journeying with them as they continue on the path of discipleship. PPT

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John 16:5-16 “Intertwined”

On this Trinity Sunday we’ll talk about how God exists in eternal relationship. God is not some distant, detached being, but is eternally personal and engaged. From the Love of the Trinity overflows the outpouring of humanity. Human beings are by nature relational beings. Our greatest wounds and greatest joys…

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Evergreen Covenant Church

An Old Time Country Church with a Relevant Message for Today

Sunday Service: 9:30a

7396 S Evergreen Road
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