Online Giving

Everything we have belongs to God and His son, Jesus. As a reminder of that truth and as an act of worship we encourage one another to prayerfully look for ways to give some of those financial resources back to God. At our Congregational meeting in December of 2016, you requested us to initiate an opportunity to donate to Evergreen Covenant Church online. This is that opportunity.

On a practical level, we recognize that forms of payment have steadily evolved from cash to checks to card based transactions.   Many people primarily manage their finances online.  Providing the means to support our ministry through online giving has become a desire for some of our members and friends.  Evergreen encourages responsible giving that does not create debt for the giver.

Furthermore, online giving is a powerful way to faithfully offer your gifts. With the ability to set up reoccurring gifts, you are able to consistently give, even when you forget your checkbook at home or if you have traveled to some vacation spot. 

How to Donate/Tithe 

Upon entering your Covenant Church’s section, you will see a listing of donation options offered by your church.
Setting up a recurring or one-time donation on the portal is easy. The Evangelical Covenant Church Donation Portal features a Giving Cart – a “shopping cart” that enables you to make a single donation, multiple donations, and recurring donation; all in one visit. 
Simply click on “Make a Donation/Tithe” and fill in the necessary fields requested by your Covenant Church, including the donation amount, frequency of donation, your donation preferences, your donation designation, and your donation dedication and click the “Add to Giving Cart” button. 

Giving Cart.

The Giving Cart lists your donations. On this page, you may remove or modify the quantity of specific items in the Giving Cart.  You can enter any special instructions or notes about your giving on this page.  Also from this page, you may click the “Continue Giving…” button to continue adding items to your Giving Cart or you can click “Checkout Now” button to proceed to check out. 

Checkout Process

The Checkout Process is very similar to many web sites.  You will be asked to create a Profile for future giving, as a way for you to save your contact information and to store your donation history for future reference.

Once you decide to check out, you will be prompted to sign in to the Evangelical Covenant Church Donation Portal. If you are a returning donor, simply enter your e-mail address and password and click “Sign In”. If you are a new donor, simply enter your e-mail address, your billing information and your shipping information, as requested, and click Continue.

You will have multiple payment options to choose from.  The Evangelical Covenant Church Donation Portal currently accepts Visa, Master Card, Discover and eCheck.  Simply fill out your payment information and click “Continue Checkout”.  

You will have one more opportunity to review your order.  If everything looks good, click the “Place Order” button and your transaction will be complete.

Once the transaction is complete, a receipt will be sent to your email address and you will see a page with the following information:

Your Transaction is Complete.

Thank You for Supporting The Evangelical Covenant Church.

If you ordered via credit card, your credit card statement will show a charge to “Covenant Giving.” If you ordered via E-Check, your bank statement will show a charge to “CovGiving.”


The electronic signup is done using 128-bit encryption for the highest level of security.  Credit Card and eCheck information is encrypted to the latest PCI security standards.

You can use a checking account, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.

Here is an outline of the transaction costs associated with the various forms of online payment. These fees are taken out of the amount given to the church:

If you make a gift and pay with…

  • An online check (ACH), then the cost is $.45 + 0.00%
  • VISA/MC/Discover credit/debit cards, then the cost is $.35 + 1.5%

The Covenant also charges a minimum of $29.00/month to use their service.


Note that the costs will vary depending on the gift amount. Online checks generally minimize the transaction cost.  As an example, an online gift of $100 has the following costs:

  • $0.45 for an online check
  • $1.85 for VISA/MC/Discover

Online Check: For most gifts, an online check is easy for you and cost effective for us. ACH is a direct transfer from your checking or savings account. All you need is a check for determining the routing code and account number. An online check is the most cost effective online option.

Credit/Debit Card: Giving via a credit/debit card is easy and efficient, and probably the most familiar online giving option for you. All you need is the information on the card.

For recurring gifts, you have the option of giving weekly, monthly, or annually.

You can allocate your gift toward the General Fund or Benevolence Fund by selecting either one.  If you would like to designate your gift even further (benevolence, a specific cause, etc.) just write a note in the space provided.

Just create two separate transactions.  For example, select ‘General Fund’ and whatever level of recurrence (one-time, weekly, etc.) and ‘Add to Giving Cart’.  Then ‘Continue Giving’ and create another gift under the ‘Benevolence Fund’ designation. 

Simply write a special note on how you would like the gift allocated.  For example, you could give $100 to the ‘General Fund’ and write a note to divide it equally (or whatever) between general and building funds.  

Evergreen is a 501(c)3 charitable non-profit organization.  For each online gift you make, you will receive receipt for your tax records.  The receipt will be delivered via email moments after your gift has been given. Plus, you will receive a year end statement recognizing your gifts on an annual basis.

You can see your online giving history by logging into your account.  When you visit the online giving portal, click on ‘Your Account’ or ‘View Your Donations’ tab at the top of the page.

Online giving to Evergreen is administrated by the Evangelical Covenant Church Donation Portal.  This is a secure website and a clearinghouse to help process online donations.

The electronic signup is done using 128-bit encryption for the highest level of security.  Credit Card and eCheck information is encrypted to the latest PCI security standards.