Sayings of Saints: Abba Moses

Luke 5:15-16

As we begin this new series, “Sayings of Saints”, we start off with the Desert Father Abba Moses, who lived in Egypt between 330AD – 405AD. Abba Moses instructs followers of Jesus saying, “Go, sit in your cell, and your cell will teach you everything.” The “cell” was the monks place of silence and solitude, where he or she would be confronted by the inner life, which would direct their conversation with God. For the Christian who desires to grow in Christlikeness, silence and solitude are essential. Only there are we able to pay attention to our inner thoughts and feelings. Only there are we able to reflect on our actions and motivations. And it is there that we are able to connect most intentionally with God in prayer. The Gospels tell us that “Jesus often withdrew to deserted places to pray.” It was in silence and solitude with the Father that Jesus found his center and guidance for his life.